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New '.eu' domain, how to migrate to the European host
Hi Yana and Everyone,

I wanted to be able to log to my account at ‘.eu’ with my exiting ‘.com’ data
The information about the European hosting domain ‘.eu’ was presented to me few days ago while I wanted log to my exiting at ‘.com’. Which happened to react to because I live in The Netherland, using of course my main email and password.
To my surprise the system creates a completely new profile even though its does recognize my names and fills the form appropriately (not my browsers’ cache)
This seems to be a good thing, (users’ directory server is separated and data’s are really not on ‘.com’ host as claimed) beautiful. But
1. How can I migrate all my data and information from ‘.com’ to the new European ‘.eu’?
2. The merge option for multiple account owners look mysterious and not very documented, what will happen after merge? (the concept of the accounts, the profiles, etc.…)

A quick response to help will be highly appreciated
Thank you all

Edited: O. Adewunmi Davies - 05/25/2016 09:37:57
Hi O. Adewunmi Davies,

Please contact our Helpdesk with request to migrate your account from com to eu. Thank you.


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