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Create Task : Add to working day plan
If i create a task for another employee (responsible person) with the checkbox "Add to working day plan" enabled, the task is not appearing automatically to the daily plan of the responsible person (the page with clock in and clock out) and the employee must manually sel ect fr om the list and add it to daily plan. This behaviour is expected?

Can someone explain to me, please.
Edited: Mihai Boeru - 05/26/2016 14:06:49
Hi Mihai,

The responsible user should start the task (or complete) - in this case it will be added to the daily plan.


Hello Yana,

As you can see the is not displayed in the daily plan.

It only work if i create the task for myself ("created by" and "responsible" are the same person)

Can you advise, please?
2_start_task.JPG (44.04 Kb)
Please report this to our Helpdesk. Thank you.


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