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New Meeting inside CRM

I want to create a New Meeting from inside CRM, but it seems I can only setup start date and no end date. How can i do that?

If I go to the calendar I can see my meeting with start date and end date being the same...and I know I can edit, but I don't want to edit every event manually.

And how can i add 2 contacts for example to the meeting?

Screenshot_1.jpg (17.73 Kb)
Screenshot_2.jpg (29.77 Kb)
Edited: Mihai Boeru - 06/07/2016 14:57:34
It seems like this can be only accomplished by creating event from Calendar > More > CRM Items...It's correct?
Hi Mihai,

Yes, this is correct. The point is there is a finish flag icon next to activities in the list - so you can click on it to finish the activity. If you're interested in the calendar view of the CRM events you can use Calendar section & More - CRM options.


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