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Multiple Participants to All Tasks, How do I Add Multiple Participants to All Tasks
I've seen the post on how to add observers to all tasks, but I can't seem to get that to work. However, I specifically need the how-to for adding participants to All Tasks.
Hi Gabriel,

If you need to add a participant to all tasks, here is how this can be done:

1) Open Tasks > All tasks
2) Filter tasks by necessary parameters (e.g. responsible person, group, deadline, etc.) - if necessary
3) At the bottom of tasks list - choose "for all"
4) In the actions menu select "add participant"
5) Select participant (user) & clicl Apply

Note: you can add only one participant to a bulk of tasks at a time. If you need to add several participants to a group of tasks - please do it in several steps (one by one).


for some reason, I cant find step 3. I'm attaching a screen shot. I'm also using the free version, not sure if that makes a difference. I've also tried on multiple browsers.  
I found it. I had to change from gantt to list view to see the all option.
Thank You
That's it! Good to know you've found it by yourself.


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