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Is the any other way how to display "Todays tasks" in Bitrix
Hi, Im new for Bitrix 24 and searching and observing if it is worth to use it for my company as project management tool. I like the product and but im still considering two issues.

Is the any other way how I can display my "Todays tasks" rather then in the right top of the window? Usually my day consist fr om lots of different tasks fr om different projects which I need to track and record the progress. Curently im use to track from 20 to 50 tasks per day (different phone calls, meetings, processes etc.) but a window wh ere "Todays tasks" appears is really small and just 4 tasks match there with out showing slide bar.

second issue is, may I see "Todays tasks" somewh ere in mobile application?

Thank you in advance for reply  
Hi Jiří,

You can open ALL section in the top panel > Filter > Extended & filter tasks by different parameters, including date.


Yana, Thank you very much for your reply and sorry if I didnt explane it right properly. Your advice helps just in those cases, if death line of task has end at specific date but this is what I dont need - for example lot my tasks dont has deathline (or dont have to have an deathline).

I just need to display this on the link bellow just bigger

Thank you in advance for reply  
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are already using Bitrix24