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MX Records, MX Records Not Configured
Dear All

I set MX records for
but MX records still not configured.

Step 1 about ownership is confirmed.
But in step 2, MX records not configured.

And here is my setting from my domain panel.

The status said that I have to delete all MX and TXT from another.
But I can't sure about CNAME (Alias). Should I delete CNAME too?

Please check what's wrong with my MX records?

Bayu Angora  
Edited: Bayu Angora - 09/10/2016 12:27:27
I sent this to ticket support too.
But there's still no answer.
Hi Bayu,

Thank you. Our support team will assist asap.



If you use CloudFlare, you have to configure MX on CloudFlare DNS panel too.
Edited: Bayu Angora - 09/24/2016 01:35:28
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