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Marketing Automation, Workflow, Plans

I have a question about workflows and marketing automation, I am thinking about buying the standard package but I just want to make sure that that plan comes with workflows and marketing automation (marketing automation meaning automatic email sequences and triggers as the user interacts with those emails and automatic lead status changes on the CRM as the user interacts with said emails)

Basically what I am looking for is to have functionalities similar to Podio Workflow and Marketing automation similar to  Ontraport on a single Platform (Bitrix)

Does Bitrix Standard cover/does these functionalities? Also, how many users and projects can be added to this plan?  (I have several different projects on the free version I just want to make sure it will cover all of them if I upgrade)

Hi JD Bates,

Bitrix24 Standard plan offers unlimited users & unlimited tasks dependencies, projects as well. Workflows are available too - this includes preset workflow templates in the Activity Stream, workflows (business processes) for CRM, documents. Bitrix24 CRM users can integrate their account with own email account & all correspondence will be saved in the CRM (details here). You can design own workflows inside your Bitrix24.

You can also use one of the available apps in Bitrix24 Marketplace.


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