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Workgroups hierarchy, How to manage multiple workgroups
Hi there,
sorry for my poor English and for the dumb question that I'm going to ask.
I'm starting to use the free edition of Bitrix24 to check if it's the right solution for my small company.
My first perplexity is about the creation of a new workgroup, that if I understood correctly should be the core of any project.
But is it possible to create sub groups (I mean some kind of groups hierarchy)? If not, what happen when the number of groups/projects rise to tens or hundreds?
Hope that I have been able to expose my problem in a understandable way.
Edited: Moreno Cavallaro - 09/25/2016 18:55:50
Hi Moreno!
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create subgroups under the main group.
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