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Webmail: Error trying link domain, Unable to link domain, always display as "Not confirmed".
Since time ago, Im been trying to link my domain to be able to use it in Bitrix, but Im no be able to succeed in this task.

When I click in "Verify" button, nothing change! I already upload a file as showed in instructions, you can verify this here. But it still show as Not confirmed

Also, in developer console I get some errors:
MediaStreamTrack.getSources is deprecated. See for more details.


XMLHttpRequest cannot load Credentials flag is 'true', but the 'Access-Control-Allow-Credentials' header is ''. It must be 'true' to allow credentials. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access.

BX.debug:  ["message undefined: IM_ICON_SET"]

I dont know if this is related to the issue.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance!

Psd. i already try by CNAME method and EMAIL CONTACT method.
Edited: Jan Pérez - 10/25/2016 17:25:56
Hi Jan,

Please contact our Helpdesk directly with these details. Thank you!


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