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Help for those with Domain Verification Problems!, I was having problems for days with Bitrix24 not verifying my domain, I contacted support but didn't wait for a reply. Found an easy solution!
Without going into too much detail, since Bitrix24 utilizes Yandex mail services I bypassed the middle man and tried setting up services with Yandex and tying them directly into Bitrix24.

I stumbled across this page https://[YOURDOMAIN]¤t_fieldset=SOCSERV (CHANGE THE LINK TO YOUR DOMAIN!) I was able to find a page that permitted me to do this directly within Bitrix24 and tied into Yandex's Mail API.

It's straight forward, and achieves the same result. It's worth noting that Yandex makes it sound like you need to change your nameservers to theirs but you don't need to, just verify the domain using file, CNAME, or email and then setup the MX record and you're good to go.

Whole process took me like 5 mins after spending two days working around the failing verification (on a free Bitrix plan so I can't complain).
@Dailen Gunter - can you give me an actual sample? let's say the domain is "" how would it look like with your demo above?
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