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Block emails templates
Hi all,

is there an easy way to send automatic emails, constructed by concatenating emails following specific triggers?

my question is quite complex, so I'm going to use an example to explain it.

Let's say I have a CRM-form where I ask 2 Y/N questions :
1) Do you like shoes?
2) Do you like hats?

I have 3 template automatic emails : one ("A") for people interested in shoes, one ("B") for people interested in hats, one ("C") for people interested in nothing.

Can I create a easy workflow which would send :
If Shoes=Y and Hats=N : A
If Shoes=Y and Hats=Y : concatenation of A and B
If Shoes=N and Hats=Y : B
If Shoes=N and Hats=N : C

Here, I could do it manually (as there are only 2^2=4 possibilities), but my CRM form would consist of 8 triggers, which would make me create 2^8 = 256 different emails.

My goal would then be to write only 8 texts, which would be added to the "final" email if the answer is Y to the specific question.

How could I do this?

Thank you very much,
Hi Marco!

Please contact one of our partners to help.


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