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Is Bitrix24 useful for freelancers?, Questions about the possibilities of use of Bitrix24 in a freelancer management
Hi people!
I'm new here and I'm learning several new things about the differences between this platform and others.
Well... this one is very powerful, complete and sometimes, confusing.
I'd like to now if somebody could answer some of my questions.
I'm working as a freelancer and I was thinking of using the Bitrix24 support me to manage my projects and clients.

1) can I use the system for this purpose?
2) is there a way to register the clients in a way that they can track, check and comment on the progress of tasks?
3) is there a way to create totally separated teams of suppliers/partners so I can create different tasks/projects and one has no idea about the existence of the other?
4) is possible to send invoices or some kind of integration with PayPal to automatize the service charge?

Idk if I can make me clear.
The first overall feeling I had about Bitrix24 is that the main goal is medium/large companies.
So I'm trying to check if it's not "too much" for my intentions and if will fit my needs.
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