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Change instance URL
Is it possible to alter an instance name after the initial setup process? Or do I have to request that the instance be deleted then create a new one? Thanks
For the Professional plan, you can use your own domain name at any time. For others, we do not alter the instance name.

If you need to register a new Bitrix24 instance with the same e-mail address, you should contact our Helpdesk to "clear" it.
I tried to create a new  Bitrix 24 account. I entered my information and I chose a  site url.  But after I email verified and logged in, it does not  allow me to access that site url. It has been created (because I can't choose  that site url  again and set up a  totally new account) but  the site says  I do not have access to the Bitrix24 site that I created.  How do I fix that?
Hello Jeff,

We see that the problem really exists for your account. Could you please describe all steps performed during registration? Were there any errors? Are you a member of other B24 accounts?

Please answer these questions via a new Helpdesk ticket.
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