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Subtasks expanded view, like + icon pushed as default view
Hi, in task view, using "group subtask" the default view is showing the task (the parent) and collapse all the subtasks (childern). There is any way to have that hierarchical view but with expanded subtasks by default? I don't want to push always the + sign, the + icon and have them all expanede. Could you provide me a link to a view setting where I will obtain this? Thx.
Hi Liviu,

Unfortunately the tasks view you have requested is not available. There are the following ways to view task list:

1) "group subtasks" enabled - you will see the "+" icon that you will have to click to view the subtasks
2) " group subtasks" not chosen - flat view, all tasks will be displayed without parent-subtasks relation
3) gantt chart - the parent task will be displayed with "+" icon - you will need to click to view the subtasks

Kind Regards,

I want to second the request. It would be good to have an "expand/collapse all" button :-)
Thanks for your vote Florian!


Yes - an expand/collapse all button should be part of the basic functionality. Is this feature currently in the pipeline?

Hi Rihab,

We don't have plans for this yet, but we'll consider it for future updates. Thank you.


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