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Possible to add additional email addresses to my profile?, Admin email account questions
Possible for employees or the main Administrator account to add additional email addresses to their profiles?

Also I saw that it looks possible to change the Main admins account email address, the one used to sign up for the original account. If this is changed is the main account email changed with Bitrix? Meaning will all account emails from Bitriux now be sent to this new administrator's address or will the original email the account was created with still be used?

Thank you
Hi James,

If you've changed your admin's email address on which your Bitrix24 account is registered - all emails from Bitrix should now come to your new email address. In case of any difficulties with this issue - please contact us at .

Kind Regards,

Thank you for the response Yana that is most helpful.

Can you tell me is it possible for employees to have more than one email address listed in their profile?

Also I have a question about the CRM. I see that you can mark a contact as "Available to everyone", is there a way to make some contacts available to only certain groups, or certain employees? Or is it only either available to the entire company or only a personal contact?

Thank you for your support, Cheers
Hi James,

For employees - their email adress is bound to your Bitrix24 account (as login)  - so far right now we do not provide the option of second email adress. BTW in Bitrix24 self-hosted version you can create a custom field for the second email, but this email will not be technically connected with Bitrix24 account.

Please have a look at our Training Course  - CRM access permissions(CRM>Settings>Access Permissions):

Access rights in the CRM are based on roles. That is, roles can be created and the access levels for those roles can be assigned, and then users can be assigned certain roles. Importantly, roles can be assigned to individual users, entire user groups, project groups, or to departments in the company structure.
If a role is assigned to a department or group, then all users in that department or group will have the access allowed to that role.
If a user is assigned various roles (e.g. belongs to both a workgroup and a department which are granted different roles), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles.

is there a way to make some contacts available to only certain groups, or certain employees?
Yes, if e.g. you will have 2 independent sales teams with roles having following permissions=personal, department (and subdepartment).


I feel like I have a good handle on how to use the access permissions panel and assign permissions to various groups and users, however what I cant figure out is how contacts are assigned to specific departments so that the permissions can be applied to that contact.

For example, if an administrator creates a new contact I am thinking now from my understanding that the contact is then automatically assigned to the administrator group as well as a personal contact of the administrator who created it. How do I take that contact and assign it to various departments if I want them to have access to it? When a contact is created does it then automatically belong to the department in which it was created with no way to move that contact to another department?

I hope my question makes sense, really loving the bitrix system, thanks

The access system allows configuration of access for objects ‘belonging’ or assigned to users, in other words
if an administrator creates a new contact- the contact is then automatically assigned to the administrator group
but if the administrator assigns this contact to another person  - then this contact will be seen to the other employee & his department.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

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