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Transfer to my domain (
I am having the professional version for bitrix24. I need to transfer to my domain (
My domain has the ssl certificate.
Support please!
My Bitrix 24 is
My domain with ssl certificate:
Thanks! Not supported!
Your ticket has been replied. Please check. :-)
My ticket has been replied. Please check. it is not done!! =))
"Time: 07/10/2014 15:28:19
From: [200361] (lilja) Лилит Шоо

Thanks for the information.

We will make the appropriate settings, and let you know how to proceed".

Note: 5 days had passed that I have not received the information. Please let me know how long to wait longer? Thanks a lot!
Dear Nguyễn Huy,

We are working with you ticket - it wasn't ignored, please wait a bit more, our support team will advise you when it wil be finished (process is not that shot unfortunately)

Thanks for your patience & understanding.

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