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Responsible Person Not Changing for Leads

I'm running into a problem with switching out the responsible person for leads, but I'm not sure if maybe I'm missing something with it?

Anyway, I'll navigate to "Leads" then scroll to the bottom and click on the check box for "For All." Then I use the dropdown next to it and select "assign responsible person", and then I choose a different user to assign the lead to. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work because when I click ont he lead it's still assigned to the original person.
Hi Jon,

We do not observe such problem on our PCs - please contact our Help Deskwith this problem (please also make sure the person whom you want to assign as responsible has access to CRM) Please also check CRM access permission settings in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions - you need to check if this "NEW" responsible person has CRM role that give him access to leads section.

Please attach your CRM access permissions (for this new responsible) to your ticket. Thank you.
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