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Bitrix in French Language ?, When it will be available ?

My company can finalize the french localization within 2 months, but only under one condition : please allow me to use  I have a dedicated team in Madagascar. If you are still interested in, please contact me. I've had the opportunity to discuss with Stephen Ankenman in 2011. Please revert to him, he'll confirm.

All the best,

Edited: Christophe Harvel - 08/14/2016 21:41:23
Hi Christophe,

Thanks for the proposition, I'll pass it my colleagues.



I received an email about the availability of the French localization. Very good news :)
Anyway, it is not very clear about the self-hosted version. Is it already translated too ? If no, what are your plans ?

Best regards,

Future French customer.
Hi Sylvain,

French localization for the self-hosted version should be available by the end of the year.


Yana Prokopets, hello.
can we expect also translation of the documents or it will be always through 3rd party apps?
If I click on the "Facture" and then want to send it to the customer via email or download PDF - I would like it to be in French... Same for quotes.
It doesn't make any sens to me - to add more apps, or host my data externally. This is I guess the only reason I'm not recommending bitrix to my boss nor to our partners/customers. :(
Edited: Jakub Dabrowski - 10/15/2016 18:43:15
Hi Jakub,

Not sure I understand what you mean. Could you please share an example, thanks.



When I switch interface to French - all is fine. But then, if I click on "offres commerciales" or "factures" (quotes and invoices) and I wish to send/print a document - they are in English.
I contacted your customer service, asking if it's possible to have these documents in French (logical, isn't it?) and got the reply:

This feature is not implemented but we have developer API which allows  to create your custom module. You can contact our partners to request  this feature

So... Since you translate interface, but output (documents) is still in English and one needs to engage more resources to have it working - when approaching the boss, the answer is "no go for bitrix" :(

Edited: Jakub Dabrowski - 10/21/2016 10:37:59
Thanks Jakub! We'll try to add French localization to the quotes & invoices forms too in short term period. (can't promise it will be available soon, but we'll try to do our best).


Yana, thank you for your response.
I'm aware that you can't give any fixed dates, but do you think it could be achieved this year?
This is the very max time I could postpone the CRM project.
Yes, we hope to release it this November, December.


That would be great!
If you need beta tester ;) - count me in!

When the French version will be available finally?

Hi Cyrille,

Bitrix24 cloud version is already available. The self-hosted version French localization is not scheduled yet.


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