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VoiP PBX Integration
      Hi, we already have a VOIP phone system and call rate contract in place and so what I'd like is that when a users selects to call someone through bitrix24 the number dials on the operators handset and the start and end of the call are logged in B24. Is this possible?
Hi Tom!

We’ve released a SIP connector for Bitrix24 telephony. What it means is that you can now connect your existing PBX, both cloud and your physical office PBX, to Bitrix24 and get all the benefits of our free CRM. Please note that for office PBX all incoming and outbound phone calls can be routed through Bitrix24, while cloud PBX support only outbound phone call routing for the moment (inbound calls for cloud PBX will be added to SIP connector shortly).
There are several advantages of using SIP connector:
1. First, you can work with your existing phone number
2. Second, you’ll pay for the phone calls to your current IT telephony provider at the rates that you chose.
3. Third, you’ll get access to features that you probably did not have, like ability to record phone calls, create a new lead automatically when someone new calls you, or automatic forwarding of phone calls to a responsible manager when an existing client calls from a phone number that’s listed in your CRM.

The cost of using SIP connector is only $40/mo. Bitrix24 cloud users can find instructions how to connect their PBX here. If you use self-hosted edition of Bitrix24, the instructions are a little different.

Please note that Bitrix24 helpdesk DOES NOT offer SIP connector setup help, as PBX settings are configured individually on the client side and may vary significantly from vendor to vendor. You can, however, hire Bitrix24 partner near you to connect your PBX to Bitrix24 if you are unable to do so on your own, and can provide remote access to a partner technician.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,
I wanted to confirm the cost of the SIP Connector.  Is the cost $40/month for each SIP (user) or for the account (multiple-unlimited SIPs)
Hi Brandon!

Cloud hosted PBX: maximum 5 PBX can be simultaneously connected to one Bitrix24. But each Cloud hosted PBX connection is not limited by the number of incoming lines.

Office PBX: number of connected PBX is not limited.

In other words, 40$ per month per intranet.


Thanks for the reply Yana,
Just to be clear before we purchase the CRM.  We are looking to purchase the $199 Professional Cloud Version.  
We have 25 employees and use a PBX that is hosted on a cloud server. We would like to integrate all our employees phone numbers (30 extensions for now) to Bitrix24 Pro Cloud Version.
Will our total cost then be $199 + $40 per month?  Any additional fees?
Hi Alex!

Will our total cost then be $199 + $40 per month?
yes (from us)

Any additional fees?
no, only from your Cloud BBX providor for calls


Hi Yana this post has been really helpful, but just to clarify a little bit more, on a  local PBX I pay $40 per month for the SIP module, but I won´t have to pay anything else for each call I make. I only pay my local telephone service provider for the the outbound calls right?
Hi Luis!

If you use our SIP Connector module, you pay to us $40 per month for the module use, other costs are between you & your telephony (connected to Bitrix24) provider.

BTW we've just added SIP phones support.


Hi! I'm looking for a way to add a Netherlands landline local number to bitrix24. Do you know any sip pbx partners who can actually forward to bitrix in the way that you specify?
So far I haven't found any. Or if you could add support for dutch +31 rental numbers that would be great also :)
Edited: Quinten Huigen - 09/16/2015 13:12:29
Hi Quinten!

We don't have any particular Telephony oriented partners in Netherlands, but we do have one very good experienced Bitrix24 partner there - whom we can highly recommend:        
Phone: +31 (0)13-7620150        
Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands


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