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Call transfer/conference; notes during call
When we are using the SIP connector and dialing through the CRM, is there a way to conference or transfer to another extension? If so, how?

Also, while live on a call in the CRM, how do we take notes of the summary of the call?
Hi Alan!

You can add comments during the conversation with the help of "add comment" option, or open the contact's details page & leave comments there.

Kind Regards,

I am surprised that you are offering a soft phone, that is supposed to be used for business that can not add another extension to the call or transfer the call to another extension.
Hi Sam!

I apologize for misinforming you (didn't get it right from the beginning) .

You can specify a new extension for each user so it can be used to call directly from outside.In case you get a call via SIP in the CRM you can transfer it to another employee just by choosing him or her from an on-screen form. You do not need to use extension in this case. Please note that when a user gets new  incoming call he\she should answer on the call first - and than he\she will be able to redirect\transfer the call to another user (that user can transfer to the third user, etc.) Same for the outgoing calls. Use redirect tab (arrow) to transfer the call.

There is no conference call possibility at the moment. We may add this functionality later.

Kind Regards,

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