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Trouble with notifications

I'm currently testing Bitrix24 cloud version with two users before implementing it in our company.  We have major issue with notifications.  We receive only notifications from changes made in tasks.  We receive no other notifications from Calender, Drives, Conversations, etc...  This is true for both users.  The notifications settings have been set properly.

I have sent this issue to the helpdesk, but no reply since 3 days.  Really frustrating.

Please advise.  Unless we can sort this I don't see how we can use Bitrix24 full scale.  I want to make sure it works properly before we pay for it.

Looking forward to your prompt response

Hi Bernard!

You need to wait for the Helpdesk reply, I'm afraid. If your notifications settings are correct (BTW don't forget to attach the notifications settings screenshot to your ticket), & the users are offline from Bitrix24 for more than 10 minutes, if the messages do have the user's name as recipient (not only general form "all employees", in this case an individual notification won't be sent) - in this case our Helpdesk will need to have a closer look at your account.


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