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Language and telephone, Using multiple languages in the user interface interchangeable
Hi can anyone tell me if you can switch tariffs when taking the calls option

The account has been opened in English as a language but the service would need to be in Russia for the tariff as it looks like the best options when it comes to comparing the tariff.

I'm not able to see a setting for selecting which tariff based on location just the language changer.

Also i expect that each user can change language as required but its best to ask.

Many thanks for any help on this matter.
Hi John!

Each user can change his\her interface language inside her Bitrix24 (scroll to the bottom line of the intranet - the flag tab). Please note that purchases are done due to the intranet domain registration - e.g. can make buy telephony in us dollars for various locations - you buy a telephony credits pack (e.g. $10 ) - and make calls, calls are charged due to the current tariffs

Plesea note that you need to have domain to be able to pay in roubles.


Thank you Yana for the answer that makes sense now...
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