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Frustratingly annoying things about Bitrix which will stop at least three firms pursuing it further, default settings which create effective spam
I am trialling this for a simple build project with architects engineers and surveyors - thank goodness I didnt sign up to the paying service.

Unfortunately it seems to be written by 12 year olds who spend all their life 'communicating' through social media.

Now communicating is the essence of a good project but the stupid Twitter/Facebook model has put off most of our users
The final nail in the coffin is the default setting where every invitee gets an email every time you even change a word in a task and there is no warning that whoever does the editing is creating such automatic spam.

My collaborators have now pretty much switched off - seeing it all as spam - and as Americans you probably don't know how mad, spam gets people, here in Europe
It seems to be blandly tolerated in the US.
Why cant you limit the default notifications to the web log on for crying out loud -

Worse still there appears no ability for the main administrator to set individuals settings for them   - I presume this is some misguided protection of privacy
Well I've got news for you I need to know what my team members are up to and I own the project - This isn't Facebook or College

As one of our number said

‘Great idea kids but y’know us older people couldn’t give a monkeys if we don't receive an email, twitter or facebook message every time someone passes wind!! we simply want to get the job done which wont happen if we spend all day on a facebook lookalike. I dont need instant messaging, forums and all that. I just want to share important task information.
So how about a straightforward default setting which doesn’t email the world when you change a spelling?’ - An how about site moderator total control over invitees settings

I tried but frankly its modern college facebook idiom is counter productive - a noise creator, a time waster

If I sound annoyed - it is the complete waste of time trialling Bitrix has caused

Yes I have read other posts from last year on how to switch it off - that's how I know others are equally irritated

J Murray  
Hi John!

Thanks for sharing, sure social collaboration platforms may not be for everyone. As for the special settings grid for admins to manage all users notifications - we'll take this suggestion into account. Thank you.


Bitrix isnt created by Americans, or to spam you. Your shouldnt invite your grandmother and grandfather users to be connected to a social collaboration cloud if you dont want to introduce them to their notification controls which can easily remove email or site notifications for a range of task options.
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