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Activity Stream - Save Message as Draft, Saving messages in an activity stream as draft - where are they?
I wrote a (long) message for posting in a workgroup activity stream, pressed Send, and it appeared in my Activity Stream.
I then wanted to edit it, so, edited it, and instead of pressing Send again I hit "Save as Draft" this time, because I wanted to check my change before re-posting.
Not only has the message disappeared completely fr om my activity stream (general and workgroup) but I can't find the draft either. I've been through as much help information as possible and can't find any information on this. It's not a draft "document", it's not in "files". So wh ere is it? And, why did the original disappear?
Hi Steve!

Drafts can be found in Conversations - in the right top corner:


Thank you so much! Found it now.
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