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Unicode/Emoji Support/Bugs, Using unicode standard emoji breaks the system.
I saw another post asking for more emojis to be supported. My request is a bit different. Instead of adding more emojis to your current lineup I would like to suggest that you drop the custom-emoji and fully support the unicode specification.

Two issues arise from this.

1.) Your emoji appear to be rendered as images and not use the system defaults which means that (a) they look weird and nonstandard and (b) they are very low quality and appear blurry on resolution displays.

2.)  More significantly though is that if a user tries to type out a standard unicode emoji and does not use the dropdown in the text editor things go wrong. Not only does it not work but I have found that all content/text that follows the unicode character will be dropped without notice when the user posts the content. (I found this out the hard way after typing a ~500 word post with an emoji in the first line).

So while emoji support is not critical and your prerogative I would suggest that you just drop that character-set instead of all characters that follow.

Thank you.
Hi Keli!

Thanks for sharing,

1 - noted, we'll revise the current ones
2 - please share an example (will be much appreciated)


To Reproduce #2

1.) Create a new message in the activity stream.
2.) Enter anything as the Topic.
3.) Enter all of the below text in the message body.

--- START ---

This is an example of native Unicode Emoji breaking the system.  
Edited: Keli Fancher - 06/29/2015 16:37:51
Ok, that didn't work as it looks like the forums use the same system as Bitrix.

I've attached an image of what the last post should have said.
Hi Keli!

Thanks for the clarification.


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