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Phone Number

If we Connect to our Number, or Buy a number from Bitrix.

What difference we might get ?

Is it most functions like recording, call logs etc, wont be in if we connect our own number?
Hi Owais!

If you connect your own number for outgoing calls (the number will be checked in the CRM &call recording will be saved) - the contacts you call will see your correct number and be able to call you back. But: you will need to rent a number to be able to accept incoming calls. This means - if you just connects your own number & don't rent a number from us, your clients will see what number you're calling from & when they will call you back - this call won't be routed through Bitrix24.

Renting a number from our operator will allow you to accept calls directly inside Bitrix24.

More FAQ on Telephony here.

Hope this helps.


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