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Making calls between extensions, How to call to an extension from another extension

I'm testing Bitrix IP Telephony and I configured two IP phones, extensions 113 and 301. I want to call from 301 to 113 but I get this error: Cannot call 113 because this route is unavailable.

I'd like to know what do I need to configure the IP Phones and make calls between extensions.

Thank you in advance.
Hi Luis!

The forwarding should be working fine, though if you want to call another employee - you can use audio\video call buttons in the messenger \ chat.


Thank you Yana,

How do I configure my IP Phones to do so? I just dial 113 from 301 extension and I get the 'route is unavailable' message.

I can use audio calls to call another employee from the messenger, but how do I do that if I need to make three party calls or conferences from an IP phone?

Again, thank you.

Hi Luis !

Please contact our Helpdesk with details - they will assist. Thank you.


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