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Email notifications for work group invitations, IMs, tasks only partially working
We have a self hosted bitrix virtual appliance setup and configured to use our local email server to send notifications.  I am having issues where only some users get some of the notifications.  We are not fully in production yet so I only have a very small amount of users on the system but it doesn't seem to be consistent as to what causes someone to receive an email notification and what doesn't.  

For instance if I send someone an IM and they get a badge on the mobile app if they are using it and they get notified within the web page but they do not always get an email.  

If I create a private hidden work group and invite a user to it, some people get the emails others do not.

For the user who is not getting any emails at all we have verified in his profile that all notification boxes are checked.  We are working with one of the North American Partners you have listed on your site but I am hoping to get answers here as well.

Can anyone give me a clear definition of what causes the system to send email notifications and what does not?  I have searched previous posts and I see that sending a message to an entire group doesn't seem to generate a notification email.  Is there a certain amount of activity that has to occur on the system?  Is there a setting that is configurable to determine how often emails are sent and for what activities besides the check boxes in the user profile?

Update - So I have a user who locked their computer but was still logged into the portal and they received email notifications regarding IMs that I sent to them.
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