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How to sync Gmail sent emails with Send&Save
I've been busting my head for days now, searching for solution on this subject but could not find any meaningful answer here - how do you sync and assign emails to leads/contacts/whatever which are sent trough Gmail or any other account outside Bitrix?

I've used Send&Save integration and incoming emails are syncing like a charm but I do not understand how to do the same for outgoing emails sent via Gmail as we use it as default email client.  

Is it just me, I'm I blind or there are no manual, tutorial, forum post on this subject?
Hi Vedran!

Please read this FAQ.And Happy New Year!  :)


Yana thank you for responding - so bottom line is that outgoing emails will be saved only if I send them trough Bitrix - there is no option to sync and save outgoing email if I use other mailbox client like Gmail and his Sent folder...
You can resend any email to the email address configured as Bitrix24 CRM email address - and If the email title contains a construction like [LID#1] (CRM record ID - please see our Training Course for details) - this email will be connected to the identified CRM record in Bitrix24. Please contact our Helpdesk for details.


Is there a BCC email address we can set up for outgoing emails so that they are automatically logged into Bitrix?

Thank you,

Hi John,

If you mean outgoing emails sent from your mail clients - you can add integrated with Bitrix24 email address there but the email will be read by the system following these rules.


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