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Corporate mailboxes (SALES/SUPPORT, etc.,) on domain linked to portal cannot be created or accessed., Linked domain to Bitrix and now cant view company emails
I successfully linked my domain to Bitrix portal and my partner and I (aka employees), can view everything at Yammer.

However, when I went to add company dept email addresses such as SALES, SUPPORT, BILLING, etc.,  I found it is now impossible because Yammer sends a confirmation link to a email address i have no access too since the domain is now attached to BITRIX.

Please advise.

William Schmidt

UPDATE:  Well, this is just great...

Keli Fancher wrote:

Just a clarification on 06/30/2014 you made a comment which implied that you were looking into this and it would be out in 2015 at the latest.

Am I right that this is no longer the case and you have scrapped this feature entirely?

If so, I beg you to reconsider – many organizations (all that I have worked for) use this extensively. For instance we would like a number a different
alias that are not tied to individual accounts for example , , ,
and many more. None of these should be tied to a user directly.

Yana Prokopets wrote:
I can only say that we don't consider this option implementation at the moment. (at least for 2015- first half of 2016) - I'm afraid. But thanks for sharing.



Yandex has a passport feature that can fix this.

HOWEVER.. I am going to have to disconnect my domain and move it back to OUTLOOK to have access to those email accounts again and miss a days worth of emails costing money and creating poor service for my customers.  Not to mention, I read where detaching your domain creates a whole new set of problems.

I am to the point of ditching everything and just move on.
Edited: William Schmidt - 01/14/2016 23:21:49
Hi William,

The own mail domian via for Bitrix24 accounts option is not considered for spring 2016 release. Can't say if we will consider this option implementation for future releases.


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