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Set Default Email to Use with Client, After Setting up Domain Mail, Bitrix24 doesn't use it for Emailing Clients
I just finished setting up domain email with the custom mx record. The sole reason for doing this is that mail that goes to the client in the CRM would originate from that email address. I set it up so others in the company can use it as well.

So I am in CRM > Contacts > on a contact, go down to the activity stream.

On the Stream tab, I click Email.

And it creates an email using NOT using the new DOMAIN based email address, but my admin email address.

I want to use my new DOMAIN based email address. How do I fix this?
Hi Lynn,

The system uses  contact email address of the responsible person (open your profile and check contact email address - it can be different from login). The message is sent via integrated to CRM email address - you will be able to see the correspondence in the integrated mailbox. Please note that each user can set any contact email address in the profile page.


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