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Desktop IM Notification Custom Color, Color code notification backgrounds by chatroom
Is there a way to assign a custom background color for the message notifications that is dependent on the chat room? My reasoning is that most User interfaces on a lot of programs use a white background, right now the notification can somewhat blend into the background and can easily get ignored. I can't tell you how many times I have to wave at people to check their Bitrix messages because they are so easily missed.

There are some messages that are critical and we would really love to be able to use Bitrix to quickly send to everyone on our team in a group message. For example we have a work announcement chat room that the entire staff is on where we send important time sensitive messages. It would be great if the messages could be a different color so that users can quickly see and identify that that message is important and also time sensitive.

I created a mock up of what this might look like. Is there a way to do this already or could this be considered for a new feature down the line?

Thank you
Hi Tony,

Interface backgrounds cannot be customized in the cloud version, but self-hosted solution (on premise) with source code available provides more customization possibilities (but not the desktop or mobile app).


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