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Email to Deal

Im trying to set up Bitrix for our company and i just met a problem. Maybe i do not know the solution that is in the CRM.

So what i need:
1. Send email to any person fr om Deal tab. (eg. Contact, Company, or random inserted). I know it works fully.
2. When i recieve an email, it must be pinned to our "Deal" wh ere it was sent from. I CANT find the solution here.

I saw that other CRM providers use this as BCC mail as sent from unique email address eg. And email will exactly locate to Deal.
So question will be. What could you offer to make email back to my Deal?

Thank you and waiting for respond, Karolis
Hello Karolis,

This function is already in Bitrix24. I tested by using free version and do the sending and receiving mail as your need.
I send mail from the lead and when they reply, it backs to mail of sender.

Look at the capture for more detail.

If you need more help, my Company can quote your the monthly support service. Please feel free to contact me via my skype: phuongakira.

Best Regards,
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