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Connection problems Voice call

I am not able to do any connections with employees with voice call when I am using Bitrix24 on Chrome

It s only working with Bitrix24 on Windows.
Hi Sylvain,

Please contact our Help Desk.

Best Regards,

Hello i'am the same problem do you have an issue ?

Please check genaral tech requirements for the correct operation of Telephony module:

Calls will be available only from these browsers versions:
- Mozilla Firefox version 27 and above;
- Google Chrome version 29 and above;
- Opera (new version, based on Chrome).

If you use Bitrix24 desktop app for calls  - the app must be version 3 and above.

Please also check your local network settings. These ports and addresses should be opened:
Ports:  443 TCP, 1935 TCP, 1935 UDP, 19350-19360 UDP, 8000-48000 UDP.
Ports:  3478, 30000-40000 UDP   for the address:

If this won' t help, please contact the Helpdesk.

Kind Regards,

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are already using Bitrix24