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Hi i tried to use your video chat today and it didnt work all i saw was a black screen and they could not hear me is there a fix for this ?

Please note that  you can make video calls without installing any additional software – straight from your browser.  Presently, video calls are available for Chrome 29 and  in FireFox 27  or higher.

Moreover, you can make calls right from your Desktop App.

If the above-mentioned does not solve your problem please contact our Help Desk.

Thank you!

I can't even find the video chat feature in Bitrix24.
What is the process of initiating and/or scheduling a video conference?
Hi Adam,

To start a video chat please open your web messanger or desktop app (right bottom corner of your portal) and  invite users to chat:

After that open the group chat you've just created and click on the green video button:

Please note that video calls support conference calling for up to 4 participants at the present time.

Kind Regards,


I recently installed Bitrix on my Mac.  My recipients are unable to hear me on their end, any help would be great.

Thank you
Hi Landon,

Please submit a ticket Help Desk asap (please check if your mic is active & working correct - if yes - please write this in your ticket along with as many call details as possible - browser version, destop version, if this is the first time you are experiencing this problem, if other users hear you ok, etc).

Thank you.

I tried to test video chat as above and cot the firefox error message;

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (bx) isn't associated with any program.

the address being called was bx://call/video/chat66

am I missing some set up - firefox version 29.01
Hi Richard,

It looks like you have your desktop running on one of the PCs, but not at the PCs - you're trying to make a call from. Please try to switch off your Desktop on the other PCs and run it on the current one (from which you will make a call).

I would really appreciate your feedback if the solution helped. Thank you!

How do I download the desktop to a second PC  - I cant see where to do this from the login as once you donload to first pc its gone.

Is the video chat free ?
Please download it from our web site (it's free)
Hi Yana

yes now downloaded from website - just to clarify the video chat requires the computers to have the desktop app downloaded and active and obviously video camera and sound.

Also found that you have to reboot pc after installing desktop app in order to get it working

Is the video chat chargeable like the IP calls? Does it use the IP credit?

Edited: Richard Duff - 05/21/2014 14:24:24
Hi Richard,

Ok, fine.

No, video chat is free.



I mistakenly clicked on Donot allow access to webcam during a video call. How can I grant webcam and microphone access back to my system?
Hi Sameen,

This request has probably been launched by your web browser - please check the web browser settings.


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