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iCloud, iPad and Calendar
Hi new to bitrix and testing out, all seems good apart from calendar syncing.  Can sync Google calendar onto Bitrix, can get Bitrix calendar onto ipad/iphone such as a new Event. Have tried everything to get Sync from iPad/iPhone to Bitrix but cannot get native iPad/iPhone events onto Bitrix calendar.  I have tried to sync with iCloud and only get error "the last syncrinization was not successful [204] No content.  Please help guys this is critical if we are to take on Bitrix in our organisation.
but cannot get native iPad/iPhone events onto Bitrix calendar.
Events added to iPad/iPhone are bound to the default calendar of the device. After synchronizing Bitrix24 and iPad/iPhone, a new calendar on your device is created and existing events do not move there authomatically. You should edit these events and change their calendar.

I have tried to sync with iCloud and only get error
Bitrix24 calendars do not support synchronization. I've sent your inquiry to the development department.
Hello. I am having the same issue. I've actually switched my default calendar on all my external devices to the bitrix calendar. I created test entries to see if they'd then finally show up in my bitrix calendar.. they did not. So while I can create in calendar when logged into bitrix/crm that will transfer to my devices, I still cannot have events show everywhere when I add them from devices... even by selecting bitrix calendar in the device.

Can't find anywhere else on the forum this being an issue. Please help... Very important for me if I am to implement this company-wide. Thanks!
Hi James,

I cannot reproduce this problem. Look at the attached screenshots.

Please contact our Helpdesk to resolve the issue.
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Hi, if you lost the calendar from iPhone or iPad, you can recover iPhone calendar.
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