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Creating task authorization, Allow/Edit Task
Hi guys,

I'm an admin in my network and have invited few members (employees). I want to structure my company so that only higher ranked employees can create task and assign "responsible person" for lower ranked one.

For example, the problem I have right now is I'm the admin, the CEO of the company, but every employees can create a task and assign me as a "responsible person".

I only found "access permission" option in CRM, but not in Tasks.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Frederic Tran
Hi Frederic!

I see what you mean, unfortunately there is no access settings in tasks. But what I can propose as a work around   - you can ask your employees to create tasks only via workgroup - where you can restrict access permissions to create tasks only to group owner.a.

I've passed your request to the dev department, thanks for brinning the subject up.

Thanks Yana.
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