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Task visility in task list, Tasks I'm paticipat in or observer of does not appear on my task list. How do I change it?
When i open "Tasks" fr om my workspace I see a list of tasks where I'm the responsible person. But I do not see any of the tasks wh ere I'm either a Participant or Observer or both. So two questions arise from this situation:

1. Is there a setting to enabling showing of the tasks wh ere person is a Participant or Observer in the persons task list?
2. What is the purpose of Participant and Observer? If tasks don't show up in Participant task list it will be missed and not completed.
Edited: Larry Cukuras - 10/27/2014 07:18:20
Hi Larry!

I guess you haven't noticed the top menu sections (just above the tasks list  - please see the screenshot below).

Tasks where you role as "participant" - can be viewed from "assisting" section, and tasks which you are observing  can be accessed from "following" tab. By clicking "All" tab - you'll get the full list of tasks you are involved. please note that there is also a "status" filter below with "a''\in progress\deferred\completed" options.

Kind Regards,

Great, now it makes sense. Thank you.
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