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Task Reporting - Time per task per person participant., Just can't get my head around how to get the information reporting.

I'm having a brain issue, in so far as mines not working.

I've setup Projects (Workgroups), Clients, Contacts and our staff members (A whole 2 of us at this time!) and set tasks for these clients for each of the services they use with  us (Digital Marketing Agency).

Myself and my colleague will be using the system but I need to report on how many hours each of us complete on a specific task for the month (or any given time period). I need to be able to show the total hours so far for the Task, Total Hours for worked for that client on all projects.

The time tracking is the most important function for us to make sure we bill all our clients accurately.

Can anyone explain how to get a report showing how many hours each of us contributed to each task?

Help is appreciated!


Hi Stuart!

You may find this blog post helful

Please note that you can use filters provided in reports (you can use one of the given reports, or create a new one). E.g. with the help of "Task resource tracking" report you will be able to filter your tasks associated with the definite project (workgroup). Please note that you won't be able to filter your tasks reports by task parameter "bind to CRM item =x" as this option is not yet supported.


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