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Overdue tasks, How to send reminders when tasks are overdue
What's the best way to tell my staff that he is overdue on a task? This is even after several reminders were set up.  I don't want to set up a new date since the task is already overdue. He is now closing in on his next due date on the same project (it is a report that I have broken down into sections to send to me for review). Is there a way to forward the task to him to remind him the task is overdue?
Hi Jill!

Actually overdue tasks notifications pop-up for your employee when he starts the new working day (opens the intranet), and he\she also has red counters inside tasks section indicating there are tasks demanding attention. Also under My Workplace section>Taks there is also thown the tasks counter number.

If you have another suggestion - e.g. new option or extended reminder functionality - please share.


I'd like to be able to send a comment back, perhaps open up the task and be able to send a comment to request immediate attention. Or be able to use conversations and attach the task. It seems to make more sense to open up the task and send a comment to the responsible person.
I just tried to add a comment in the subtask section, adding the responsible person's name. I'm assuming that he will get the message directly? Will it go to his main email or will it only show up when he logs into bitrix?
Hi Jill!
The comment will be shown when he logs in for sure, and can be send via email if the user has the email notifications about tasks comments enabled:

Kind Regards,

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