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Can you Autogenerate a Workgroup Number, For a large project with thousands of Workgroups how do you find them again?
We are looking to use Bitrix to manage our projects, however because things like the Deals and Quotes do not allow direct links to documents.
For a quote we need to have the basic details but also drawings and other associated documents available for people to review. The only way I can see that we can really put all the information we need in a single object is to create a Workgroup for each one.

This is not in itself a problem, it would be nice however if the system could auto-generate a reference number for each Workgroup item, this could then be included in any related areas and may make it a more positive way of finding the correct Workgroup entry again.

Is this possible, is there a better way of achieving what I am asking?

Hi David!

As a work around - workgroups may have a numbers name, e.g. 222, etc. Also if this can help each worlgroup number can be found in the link - https:/ - group 9 - but you cannot search by this number unfortunately. As for deals - they have the activity stream messages where you can upload new files or secelct from existing ones.

Thanks for your suggestion.


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