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New to Bitrix, need guidance on setting up projects, 3 projects, about 50 companies for each project, checklist would be the same underneath each project
Hello, I am looking for the project management software to help achieve the following and I have read positive reviews on projects. I am trying to determine the best way to set up the following:

We have 3 separate projects ongoing projects (one done quarterly, one done annually, and one done every 3 years), we perform this work for about 50 different firms , I would like to establish a checklist that would be the same (for each company) within each of the 3 projects, and I may need to assign parts of the checklist to another user (max of 3 other users total). What is the easiest way to accomplish this? I need to be able to see at any given time where we are for each company underneath each project. Thanks for any guidance or input from others!
Hi Steve!

Projects in Bitrix24 are based on workgroups - so you can create new workgroup for any individual project. Tasks can be craeted with checklist inside - the tasks can be copied after & you can set relation to any workgroup in the copied task form. In the new task creation form you can set tasks to be recurring & add checklist to it. Also you can bind CRM items to tasks (in the task creation form).


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