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Export tasks to excel
Hi, I tried to export all tasks I can manage or see, that includes even completed, so I got to all tasks, filtered all and get to Export to excel option, but all I got every ime I try is my ongoing tasks. Are there some settings I have to configure first?

Thx for answer


Please make sure you have same amount of tasks exported as "all" filtor states, if not & the exported list lack tasks, please report this to our Helpdesk. Thank you.


Support told me it is impossible to export sub tasks, is there any solution for this or is this on the roadmap?

To be honest, I'm quite disappointed by the PM part of Bitrix24. There are too many problems to actually use this properly and replace other often used tools, e.g. Trello (task management), MS Project (Gantt), Slack (collaboration), Basecamp (PM and file management), etc.  
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