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Assigning task to a company or contact

How can I associate a new task to a company or contact so that it shows up in that company's history?
Hi Roman!

When you add a new task to the company - with "new task" option from the company's details page or from the companies list - the task will be listed in this company's History section. Same if you add new task from main Tasks section (by attaching it via CRM item option). Please note that tasks added for company will be displayed in this company's history, but NOT in the bound contacts history (and vice virsa).


HI Yana

I would like to have the ability to add a task under a company, but at the same time assign the task to a bound contact within that company.
This is particularly useful if you have multiple contacts within a company, and have different tasks or business dealings with the different contacts.

Then I can review a company's history and the relevant tasks associated to that company all from the company history section - seeing the different contacts we have made within that company.  This is particularly benefical from a managers perspective checking on who my staff are contacting within each of our clients.

I want to look from a company perspective to see all activity, not have to drill into each company contact to see what has been happening.

This would be good to see in future release / development plans.

Hi Shane,

Thank you for the suggestion, we'll think about the future implementation of this option.


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