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Hidden Recipients?, "John Smith -> and 1 hidden recipient"
My organization has about 150 workgroups in our Bitrix environment.

Most of the time, when someone posts a Message/Conversation in one of the workgroups in which I am a member, I see, in my Activity Stream:
"John Smith ->  8976 Widget Inc Analysis".  
I am able to click on the 8976 Widget Inc Analysis link from my Activity Stream and it takes me right into that workgroup.  This is great and what I want.

However, often, I instead see in my Activity Stream:
"John Smith ->  and 1 hidden recipient"
The "and 1 hidden recipient" is NOT a link, so I am left guessing which workgroup both John Smith and I are in in which he made the post.

I can not figure out why some messages/conversations show the linked workgroup, and some posts say  "and 1 hidden recipient".  

Why is "and 1 hidden recipient" happening?  Optimally, this would never happen, and it would instead ALWAYS show the linked workgroup.

Please advise.  This is driving me batty!
Hi Joseph!

"hidden recipient" means that the message author has included the workgroup you are NOT in (not a member) to the recipients (if the workgroup is not public open)



Thank you for your reply!

I understand your post, but further evaluation reveals what you have suggested is not the problem.

I do not have the "and 1 hidden recipient" problem when I make a post in any of workgroups I tested in which I am a member for which the workgroup number is 130 or less in the URL:  /workgroups/group/130/.  I tested about 10 workgroups less than (or equal to) number 130 of which I am a member.

When I post in a workgroup with number 131 (/workgroups/group/130/) or greater, even though I am clearly a member of the workgroup, I see that my post appears to be directed at "and 1 hidden recipient".  I tested about 10 workgroups greater than (or equal to) number 131 of which I am a member.

Even stranger, for my posts that *I* see (when logged in as me) as posted to "and 1 hidden recipient", SOME of the other users in the organization see my post was directed at the workgroup, and SOME users also see that the same post was posted to "and 1 hidden recipient" (like I am seeing).  

Additionally, some workgroups contain more than two posts from 1 other user, and I see some of the users posts appear directed at "and 1 hidden recipient" and other posts from the same user in the same workgroup appear to have been directed at the workgroup as expected.  It is NOT likely (it is NOT the case) users are directing some of their what I see as "and 1 hidden recipient" posts at users outside of the workgroup, and other messages just to the workgroup as expected.

Based on polling some of the users, the problem does not appear to be OS-specific nor browser-specific.

In my opinion, this appears to be a bug or misconfiguration as opposed to your suggestion that posts are being directed at users outside of the workgroup.

Would appreciate your continued efforts to troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks again!
Hi Joseph!

Please report this to our Helpdesk Thank you!


As you suggested, I submitted a support ticket:
Thank you Joseph.
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