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Previous Task in Task Management, Dependent Task can complete even if previous task execution has started

It is noticed that all the task fields operate independently even if we set a dependency by defining a previous task.  For example, if we have defined Task1 as previous task of Task2, we are able to complete Task2 even without beginning the execution of Task1.

We would like to set a proper dependency:
  1. Task1 as previous task of Task2
  2. Task2 execution can begin only if Task1 has completed
  3. If Task1 planned end date is changed Task2 planned start date should change
How can we set this tight dependency between tasks?

Hi Niladri!

Unfortunately Bitrix24 does not support full task dependencies. We may start the tasks module updates this fall, but this is not scheduled yet.


+1 for any kind of proper dependencies. I like the tool, but not having task dependencies is a deal breaker. It seems like such a fundamental feature.
Thanks Seth!


The lack of dependencies really makes this useless to us ?

You are very likely to lose us now to one of your competitors for something which I would have thought was a simple thing to solve from your end ?


Hi Alan,

Thanks for sharing your opinion, yes, we're aware of the feature demand & may add it in future updates, but this is not scheduled yet.


For now we can live with the functionality but what irritates us:
You can set a dependency by drag & drop in the GANTT.
You can define a previous task in the "edit" form.
Both is independant. Setting it via edit is nice to see the previous task inside the other one.
The connector line in the GANTT is also nice. But setting it twice throws us off...

Also in the list view there should be colums showing the ID of parent task, previous task, participating employees and observers. This would be very improtant for usability of Excel export...
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