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Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance, Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance
I find this almost a NEED   and not just a want or would be nice....

I need to be able to   Assign or add (manually and forcibly)  users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance

even if only Admins had this ability....

but the process is too long, difficult, and cumbersome to WAIT and Remember to go back at a later time to be able to assign tasks, create events, share information etc.

At the time of project creation I need to be able to create pertinent tasks and events and assign them to users immediately (within the project)

the process of invite and await acceptance is too cumbersome, especially when dealing with a large and constantly growing project list

For Example:  I should be able to create a project late in the day today with tasks and events requiring attention tomorrow AM
  when my users log in first thing tomorrow AM - they should see their tasks and calendar already populated with the pertinent information for the day
   *if they only accept the invitation this AM   it is too late and ineffective for me to be able to subsequently assign the tasks and events etc.  

I can do some of this directly for the user, but I  want to be able to manage the workflow from within the individual project...

If  I am missing something and this can already be done... I wish someone could share the how?  

Thanks and I would appreciate the thoughts of others on the topic!
Update:   I have been informed there is no way to do this....   to add members to a group, the ONLY option is invite and wait for them to accept...   :(
has been listed as a feature request....

0  ETA  on adding this ability...  probably never...

****  If anyone else would find this feature helpful, please send in a request...

We should have the ability to manually add users to groups period.

At least ADMINS should have this ability

Should  not have to send an invite and wait....

Would provide the ability to start assigning tasks and sharing information immediately....upon project/group creation...
 at current I have to wait for the user to join the group before I can assign them group related tasks.


Thanks for the suggestion.


+1 for this.  It is especially frustrating when the invitation email is not even being sent hence this now holds up the whole creation of a project.
Hi Casey,

Thanks for the vote.


+1 Having a two-step process is difficult because you have to remember to do the second part later and seems very un-intuitive.


Mark Lachniet
It is possible to create a workflow (business process) in Bitrix24 that will create the group, add group members (without the need of their agreement), plus create tasks inside this group with specific group members, and many other things.

We provide workflow development services, please contact us for a quote:

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Has there been any update to this? I would really like to send things automatically without  waiting for an invitation to be approved.
I also see this as a need.
This would be really helpful
My group will have many projects and it's just too cumbersome trying to add one person to each group. There should be an option in the profile to add them to workgroups
This would be really helpful
Thank you for all your votes! At the moment this feature is not available yet.
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