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Non invited participants, I need to assign tasks to people who are not on Bitrix

I need to project manage for a small company and their clients but the participants do not want to be involved in this process (i.e. they do not want to use a software system, they just want to communicate verbally with me).  Is it possible to add people to Bitrix and assign them tasks without inviting them so that I can keep track of everyone's responsibilities for them?
Hi Julia!

At this very moment we have Extranet (you do invite users as external usesr with limited access to your intranet - they will have access to the extranet workgroup they have been invited to only) I also invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming November release where we are going to introduce new features you may find quite helpful to solve this task.


Thanks for your quick response Yana.  Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to invite them at all - I have to do this independently but it is still important that I can see who I am assigning a task to.  Hopefully the updates in Nov will address this - i.e. the facility to manually add a name for the 'responsible' field without them being on the system.

Many thanks.

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the suggestion.


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