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Ability to see a summery counter with the amount of all of your tasks

We started testing Bitrix24 as our project management solution and we enjoy it very much!

One thing that keeps coming from our developers is that there is no way you can tell how many open tasks you have - I mean a simple summery counter that reads something like:
You have a total of 24 "in progress" tasks.
10 tasks in "test" workgroup.
14 tasks in "test2" workgroup.

It might sounds like something that is not a big deal but it's something very simple and very important that every person who has tasks needs and wants to know.

Of course Bitrix lets you see all your tasks, but there is no counter...

Is it there and we are just missing it or is it something that you can (easily) implement?

Edited: Uri T - 11/01/2015 18:45:54
Hi Uri!

Thanks for the suggestion.

Currently tasks can be displayed in 2 views : list or Gantt Chart. In tasks > All you get a filter where tasks can be filtered with premade filters or you can add custom conditions.

BTW stay tuned for the upcoming November release!


Thanks for your response Yana.
I figured out how to view the lists of tasks but I was speaking about the counter badge, I wish it was displaying the total amount of tasks I (user) has and not the amount of tasks without deadlines...
I see, we'll consider this suggestion for our future updates on Tasks. Thank you!

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