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Understanding task dependencies, Parent/previous etc

I'm trying out Bitrix and an important part of its functionality for our business is task management. I've looked through the manual and tried to figure this out on the forum, but couldn't find what I needed. Can someone give me an example on how to organize the following;

I would like to have a project (or workgroup apparently) that has as main goal "make deal A". So I could call it "deal A". Now in order to do this, several things need to be accomplished. In our case, we're in the music business so a really simple example would be, write a song, record instruments, mix the song, master the song, present it to a buyer. In that order.
First I tried to create this as a task with subtasks, like

present it to a buyer
=master the song
==mix the song
===record instruments
====write a song

This doesn't let me create timeline dependencies in the gantt chart though, in fact it specifically says I CAN'T create dependencies between subtasks and their parent. So apparently this was the wrong route.

Next, in the manual, I read that you can use the "previous task" setting during creating a task to specify if one task should be finished before another starts. So I tried, for instance, to create a bunch of tasks like
=master the song (previous task is mix the song)
==mix the song (previous task is record instruments)
===record instruments (previous task is write a song)
====write a song (no previous task)

However, this seems to have no effect whatsoever, I can still start and even finish tasks without the previous task being completed, I can't see any logical ordering to the tasks and they don't indicate (in list mode or gantt chart mode) that they are dependent on anything at all.

So in other words, what I would like is to be able to create a series of tasks that depend on each other, and I get a visual overview of the way they are connected and a logical order for finishing them. How do I do this?
I'm also having a similar kind of issue in that I'd expect the timeline for a parent task to be driven by the timeline of the sub-tasks, but this doesn't seem to be the case.
I've also tried the same as yourself, but again with no luck.

I'm sure a tool such as this must be able to do it - any feedback or tips would be welcome
Hi Andrew,
I have been using using bitrix for a couple of months, and today while i was reordering tasks,  I found the same issue you mention above.
The parent task timeline is not being updated based on its subtasks.
Hi Sander, Andrew & Leonardo!

I've passed these suggestions on Gantt chart dependencies logic to our dev team, thank you.


We are using task management in our company , however when the task is disapprove it goes to Pending , so we are unable to find the Task decline count , any suggestions on this , how can it be achieved , we want to track task decline count..  
This is also a big thing for us and Sander explained it perfectly.
I want to propose a solution. From what I understand previous task and connector line in GANTT Chart are independent form each other.
Can you just connect these? So the GANTT automatically draws the lines to previous tasks?
Also (as for scheduling) if a previous tasks gets completed the creator/responsible/praticipant of the following/connected task should be notified.

I think this would serve as a quick fix. We don't expect more at the moment. Graphical display in GANTT and list of previous tasks in task details is sufficient for us...
Hi Florian,

Thanks for the tips, we'll consider your suggestions.


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